Assess™ combines Skydio House Scan™, Skydio’s adaptive scanning and data capture software for autonomous residential roof inspection, with EagleView’s automated measurement, damage detection and inspection workflow, to help insurance claims adjusters make faster, more confident claims decisions.

With Assess™, insurers are able to:

  • Use autonomous drones to inspect residential roofs, flying closer than ever before without fear of collisions thanks to a fully automated workflow

  • View a complete and accurate digital reproduction of a roof’s condition and measurements based on the highest quality imagery

  • Quickly review potential damage using EagleView’s automated damage detection that spots every anomaly, hail mark, and potential point of damage

  • Leverage self-scheduling options and real-time inspection status updates to provide a seamless, digital-first experience for policyholders

Using Drones for Property Inspection: Good for Insurers, Good for Property Owners

The product offers major benefits for insurance adjusters and property owners.  Using Assess™, “adjusters were able to reach claims decisions after reviewing an average of 6 facets per home, thereby expediting reviews and resolving up to 1.5X more claims per day,” says the press release. “Insurers also reduced loss adjustment expense (LAE) from saving up to 20% per claim in adjuster time and travel costs.”

“We’re proud of the ease-of-use and exceptional image quality we’ve achieved over the past year,” said Adam Bry, CEO of Skydio. “Many insurance carriers have experimented with drone inspection solutions in the past. However, those solutions have failed to scale because manual drone inspections, even with experienced pilots, are prone to errors and inconsistent data. This creates the need for costly re-flights or results in inaccurate assessment. With Skydio House Scan™ helping power EagleView Assess™, insurers get the data they need to make quality decisions, better and faster than any other method.”

“We’ve had great feedback on our solution built in partnership with Skydio,” said Lerk-Ling Chang, President of Insurance, EagleView. “Policyholders today expect carriers to process claims quickly and accurately. We are excited about how Assess™ enables insurers to make fast, consistent and accurate inspection and assessment decisions so that policyholders can get their claims settled quickly.”

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