Lancaster Hawkeye Mark III


Lancaster Hawkeye Mark III

Battery Life: 
31-60 Minutes
Control System: 
Stand-alone Controller
1080p HD
Experience Level: 
Other Commercial Applications

Precision Hawk is one (highly customizable) drone: it's four feet wide, weighs three pounds, and can carry payloads of about 2 pounds. The design is rather simple. What gives the Lancaster an edge is its “brain.” The UAV can be outfitted with an array of different sensors that collect data which is then processed by a central "hub."

For example, a farmer says “fly”; the drone goes up, uses its "senses" to collect data, and spits out meaningful information about thousands of different hybrids of seeds spread over 20 acres of land. It truly is basic artificial intelligence.

The $25,000 price tag includes all the hardware, the ground package (software and additional tools for day to day operations), a visual sensor, and a multispectral sensor.

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