B4UFLY WebKittyhawk CEO Jon Heagranes announces the newest advances in B4UFLY, the FAA and Kittyhawk.io airspace intelligence tool: B4UFLY Web.  “B4UFLY Web enables convenient pre-flight planning, airspace advisory social sharing, and more,” says the announcement.

As we clock in at processing over 14K LAANC authorizations in January 2021 — 50% of all LAANC authorizations in the US last month, we’re excited to release the next generation of airspace awareness tools, B4UFLY for the web. B4UFLY web brings the same great mobile experience of the B4UFLY app to the world wide web. It is enhanced with desktop-focused functionality like social sharing, pre-flight planning, local data submissions, advisory flagging, and more. Try it out today at b4ufly.kittyhawk.io and learn more about the functionalities below.

Kittyhawk.io is embracing the reality that one of the best ways to ensure accuracy is to allow pilots across the country to share information, utilizing the power of crowdsourcing.   B4UFLY Web, like B4UFLY, allows users to submit missing data, or flag an existing airspace advisory for review. It’s an easy process that helps keep the app more current and accurate.

Airspace Advisory Social Sharing

With B4UFLY Web, that crowdsourcing of information has been enhanced.  Now, pilots can share airspace advisories on social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and email. “This new feature makes it easy for you to share an airspace advisory of interest directly with another pilot in your organization, a friend or family member, or anyone in your network,” says the announcements.

Pre-Flight Planning

As commercial drone operations move into the enterprise and scale, flight planning on the pilot’s app may not fit in to an organization’s workflow.  With B4UFLY web, pre-flight planning and airspace review can happen in your office before your flight – including getting LAANC authorizations.  “Just as you can on the B4UFLY app, view the UAS facility map for controlled airspace and the permissible altitude for authorization. As you can see for the area of Brisbane, California in the graphic below, the permissible altitude for authorization is 200 feet,” says the announcement. “To apply for LAANC for this location, click the blue ‘Get LAANC’ button. A pop-up window will appear providing a link to download the Kittyhawk app or other USS provider options.”