Product Questionaire

If you are manufacturer of a drone and would like your product to be included in DRONELIFE’s DRONECONFIGURATOR application, please email the answers to the questions below to [email protected]:

Drone/UAV Product

 1. Product/Model Name:

2. Short Description (100-300 Word)

3. Link to Product Page on MFG Site

4, Link to Purchase Page (or Contact Page) on MFG Site

5. Product Image – Attach or Provide Image Link

6.  Price (may be starting price for certain configurable models) in US Dollars

7. Flight Time in Minutes

8.  Is Camera Include?

9. Fixed wing or Multicopter

10. Stand-alone Controller, Smart Phone Controller, or Both

11.  Applications (Select the applications from the list below)


Recreational Photography

Real Estate


Public Safety


Other Commercial Applications


Once completed and available in the application, you will receive an email from DRONELIFE.

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