OpenWorks Unleashes new SkyWall300 Drone Hunter

Drones are awesome – when they’re in the right place at the right time.

However, rogue drones – piloted by hostile or negligent users – can endanger lives when flying in unauthorized airspace. A prime example is the recent collision of an errant drone with an Army UA60 helicopter over Staten Island.

British firm OpenWorks Engineering is gearing up to fight the War on Naughty Drones with the release of SkyWall300, a souped-up version of its series 100 UAV-mitigation technology.

Skywall300 resembles a missile launcher and can deploy an intelligent projectile with on-board countermeasures just like its predecessor, Skywall100, but with automatic modes, increased range and enhanced autonomy.

The anti-drone solution consists of an air powered system that launches the same range of net capture projectiles used with the SkyWall100 handheld system. It integrates with external drone detection and command and control systems to allow for maximum ease of use. OpenWorks previewed Skywall300 at the recent DSEI exhibition in London.

“The SkyWall concept is simple; physically capture a drone in a net and bring it to the ground safely under a parachute,” OpenWorks Sales and Marketing Director James Cross said in a press release. “Electronic warfare methods are proving difficult to regulate and approve for use and SkyWall offers a capable alternative.”

Last year, OpenWorks helped protect President Barack Obama from potential drone threats during a state visit to Germany, deploying several SkyWall100 systems across Berlin.

In August 2016, the company won the Best UAS Interdiction Award at the Countering Unauthorized Unmanned Aircraft Systems Challenge, stopping the most drones out of seven finalists.

“We’ve incorporated all of the knowledge gained through working with the world’s leading government authorities and believe SkyWall300 has the ability to give these security operators the protection they need,” Cross added

“Authorities around the world have been looking for a system like this and we are proud to continue the tradition of British innovation in the security industry.”
Here is a video courtesy of SkyWall: