The Top 20 Drone Service Provider Ranking

Guest Post: This article published with permission from our partners at DroneII, Drone Industry Insights

Drone service providers have been around for a while now – time for DRONEII.com to showcase the scale on which drones are being put to work today! The commercial drone market changed a lot over the last years – we saw how hardware lost its leading position and has been displaced by drone services and drone software solutions. This development can be seen in the evolutionary changes in the investment market and in the distribution of strategic partnerships.

In this ranking, we display the TOP20 drone-as-a-service companies based on an analysis of 200+ global operating drone service providers. Since the drone industry does not yet offer a solution that can fully incorporate drone services as they currently exist, drone service providers and drone operators working within larger organizations are the ones providing actionable information for clients in agriculture, construction, mining, oil & gas and many other vertical industries. This reality has made a major impact on how we’ve been able to rank the various drone services.

In the TOP50 of our drone service ranking, 40% were from North America, 36% were from Europe, 10% were from MEA (the Middle East and Africa), 6% from Asia, 6% from Oceania, and finally 2% from South America. This breakout demonstrates the power of the North American and European markets but also proves they are not the only places to find these services.

Additionally, the TOP10 companies in our ranking alone received more than $116 million in funding, while the TOP20 acquired $130 million in total. Clearly, stakeholders both inside and outside of these companies have been able to demonstrate the real and future value of this technology. This value is being further supported by drone service providers looking for partnerships to extend and foster their business.

Ranking Highlights:

#1: Zipline

#2: Measure

#3: Cyberhawk

#4: Hemav

#5: Flirtey

#6: Sky-Futures

#7: Aerodyne

#8: Airinov

#9: Terra Drone

#10: SkySpecs

Ranks 11-20:

The second half of our ranking is dominated by drone operators that provide inspection and mapping/surveying services. This is a strong indication of the interest that the market as a whole has for drone service providers and indicates where we’re seeing considerable growth and interest. Of these companies, Sharper Shape out of Finland i.e. received more than $4 million in funding.

The present and future need for drone service providers

Over the past few years when the interest in drone hardware came to a climax, many organizations had to confront issues related to how they could or should be working with all the data collected by their drone. This situation caused many to lose interest in drones and pull back from efforts to unlock the full potential of the technology.

While changes to regulation, drone technology itself, and the quality of enterprise solutions (provided by e.g. DroneDeployPrecisionHawk or Kitty Hawk) have made it that much easier for enterprise customers to manage drone operations themselves, there is clearly still a need for drone services. This fact has allowed drone service companies to focus on a variety of sectors and services to demonstrate how they can both capture raw data and turn it into actionable information. Additionally, they’ve been able to sort through regulatory responsibilities and the high administrative requirements that are often associated with this process. Because of this, many enterprise customers have been happy to outsource this capability. This preference has also opened up a need for drone service companies that can find new business models for niche or high-risk operations.

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