GHOST Aerial


GHOST Aerial

Battery Life: 
Under 30 Minutes
Control System: 
Smart Phone/Tablet
Stand-alone Controller
Camera Not Included
Experience Level: 
Recreational Photography
Real Estate

The GHOST drone is designed to be flown using waypoint navigation instead of a traditional remote control. Using your smartphone or tablet, you simply tap a location on the in-app map, and the GHOST drone will fly there. GHOST Aerial drone comes with a 2D Brushless Gimbal so you can take amazing aerial shots. The Gimbal fits all editions of the GoPro and other similar size cameras, and includes an auto-levelling function to ensure smooth and stabilized images.

Other features include:

• Easy to fly: one-click commands via your smartphone.
• Control height and orientation through the app by sliding bars, and the rest is taken care of
• Travel light: no need for bulky RC controllers, just bring your smartphone and a small G-Box
• Wind/Water resistant: moderately windy and rainy weather can’t stop you from flying!
• Night mode: LED lights to track drone in the sky
• Flight time: an impressive 30 minutes (20 minutes with a gimbal and GoPro attached)
• Gimbal is fit for all editions of the GoPro and similar size cameras*
• Capture smooth and stabilized images, the 2D gimbal is designed to auto level when your Ghost is tilted

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